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Unnoticed water leaks can cost home owners thousands to fix. We can help mitigate your loss both to your home and your pocket.


Professional Leak Detection

Home Angels will save you thousands of dollars in water leak detection and prevention in just one minute, because your phone call to us results in a solution with even the most elusive leaks… Which means that you will save thousands from a costly water bill, or severe water damage to your home… Which really means to you that feeling of comfort knowing you took the appropriate steps to getting a solution.

Home Angels does not want any homeowner to go through the process of a major damage restoration project, and a lot of damage resulting from home water leaks can be minimized, but only if a homeowner acts quickly. The first step is to call a leak detection specialist in your area to come out and test your different plumbing and water deterrent devices to accurately pinpoint the source. We use state of the art tools and tracking equipment to locate a leak’s source.

Plumbers call us out to a home before they go in to first pinpoint the leak, as this has been proven to be the most effective path, guarantees delivery of a highly rated service, while ensuring it at an affordable price. Don’t let several thousand gallons of water end up in your home; call the qualified experts to help you start the first step in the mitigation process.

5 step Leak Detection Process that never fails!

Step 1. Collect Information Like:

  • ✓ Is there a copy of the water bill?
  • ✓ Are there any leak sounds in the home?
  • ✓ Are there any wet spots?
  • ✓ How old is the home?
  • ✓ Determine if the water leak is from a plumbing supply line, drain line, or roof.
  • ✓ Determine if the leak is inside or outside the home.
  • ✓ Find out if the leak is on the plumbing’s hot or cold supply side.

Step 2. Listen & Visually Inspect:

  • ✓ Using the most advanced Subsurface acoustic listening device the LD-12.
  • ✓ Determine thermal differences using an Infrared camera.
  • ✓ Pinpoint the leaks highest noise decibel.

Step 3. Line Location & Test Point

  • ✓ Locate exactly how the plumbing line runs using the Inductive Pipehorn 800.
  • ✓ Drill a test point to confirm moisture.
  • ✓ Water test an area to confirm a leak in a window, roof, or drain line.
  • ✓ Shower pan test.

Step 4. Pressurize the line

  • ✓ Using compressed air we pressurize a supply line to 50 PSI.
  • ✓ Re-confirm highest decibel point or the leak.

Step 5. Helium Leak Detection

  • ✓ Fill the plumbing line with compressed helium.
  • ✓ Using a helium detection device we reconfirm the leak’s position.
  • ✓ With 100% accuracy we can confirm & communicate a water leak’s position.

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Home Angels leak detection and water removal Services Boynton Beach Florida
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Home Angels leak detection and water removal Services Boynton Beach Florida
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